Los Angeles County Home Visiting Programs’ Eligibility Grid

The Referrals Workgroup has also created a “cheat sheet” of LA County home visiting programs’ eligibiliy criteria, to be used as a quick reference guide. You can find the Eligibility Grid here.

LA County Home Visiting Data Collection Project

The Consortium is working to collect outcome, process, and descriptive data from home visiting programs throughout LA County. Data will be available on our website soon. In the meantime, learn about the data we are collecting and the evolution of our measures! You can also see the full set of definitions for our outcome and process measures here, and for our descriptive measures here.

Want to learn about other services for children and families in LA County?

Watch our other webinars below!

Medi-Cal Non-Medical Transportation Benefits

The Transportation Resources Spreadsheet, Medi-Cal Non-Medical Transportation MCHA Information, and the Webinar Q&A are now available!

Child Care Services

The map of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies in LA County, overview of child care funding streams, and information about the Emergency Child Care Bridge Program (here and here) are now available!

Mental Health Services

The list of Mental Health Resources for Children and Youth in LA County, as well as a general Directory of DMH Mental Health Services and Contacts are now available!

Oral Health Services

The webinar slides and post-webinar FAQ document are now available!

Referrals eDirectory Demonstration

This webinar walks users through the eDirectory. The webinar slides are now available as well.